Gazprom resumed gas suppled to Georgia and Armenia

Today, at 13:00, Gazprom has resumed natural gas supplies to Georgia and Armenia via Vladikavkaz – Tbilisi pipeline. Repair and recovery works are still under way at the Northern Caucasus – Trans Caucasus gas pipeline.


In the result of the rockfall in the vicinity of Verkhniy Lars village along the Georgian Military Road the Northern Caucasus – Trans Caucasus pipeline was severely damaged; regularly some 12 mln cu m of natural gas per day were transported via the pipeline from Russia to Georgia and Armenia. Gas deliveries to these countries were continued through a second, Vladikavkaz – Tbilisi pipeline. However, the second pipeline was also destroyed by a new rockfall on January 18.

Elimination of the damage was complicated by curfew entered in the region; i.e. repair operations were allowed only in light time of day.

Repair works are carried out under continuous control of Gazprom’s top management and in permanent contact with the operative services in the Georgian and Armenian territories.

By now gas deliveries via the Vladikavkaz – Tbilisi pipeline are restored in full volume of 12 mln cu m per day.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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