On the results of the sessions of the gas and the working group on gas of the united nations economic commission for Europe

Gazprom’s delegation took part in the work of the YIII annual session of the Executive Council of the Gas Center, which took place in the UN ECE headquarters in Geneva. Stanislav Tsygankov, the Head of the Foreign Relations Department of Gazprom, was elected a member of the Executive Council Bureau.

The Executive Council, which is staffed with representatives of the biggest gas companies like Ruhrgas, Wintershall, Gazprom, Gaz de France and others, approved the working program of the Gas Center for 2003 and made decision to hold the next annual thematic conference “The Future of Gas Production in Europe” in Stavanger, Norway, on May 13–14, 2003. The Gas Center Targeted group on security and safety of gas supplies headed by Sergey Balashov, the Deputy head of the Foreign Relations Department of Gazprom, is entitled to prepare an analytical report on its subject and should terminate its work by May. The Executive council made also a decision to continue the work of the targeted groups on the EC Gas Directive, gas transmission and tariffs.

In addition, the delegation of Gazprom participated in the XIII annual session of the UN ECE Working group on gas, which was held in Geneva. A Round table was arranged within the frames of the session where the topic of United European economic space – new challenges for the energy sector was discussed; representative of Gazprom Sergey Balashov made a report on the drivers of the Russian gas market. And besides, Russian specialists talked on the pricing and tariff policy in the industry, on the plans for domestic gas market development.

The Working group on gas approved the work of the UN ECE Gas Center and discussed the results of the work of the special expert groups including the work of the task force dealing with the Blue corridor project that assumes creation of international transportation corridors for motor vehicles running on the gas fuel.


The Gas Center was set up by the Working Group in January 1994 under the order of the UN ECE within the frames of the technical cooperation program known as Promotion and development of the market-based gas industry in the economies in transition. Gazprom was one of the co-founders of the Gas Center, in line with 25 other biggest gas producers, consumers and transporters: Ruhrgas, Wintershall, Gaz de France, Statoil, ENI/SNAM, Gasunie, Shell, Botash, Sonatrach, etc.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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