On the working meeting results

The Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom Alexey Miller held a working meeting devoted to discussion of the Company’s view to the concept of the gas market development in Russia.

It was stressed at the meeting that the concept should be aimed, first of all, at creation of equal, predictable financial and economic conditions for all market participants, formation of fair prices on gas, development of domestic gas market into attractive investment sphere, development of independent gas producers and competitive environment, creation of economic drivers for introduction of gas and energy saving technologies.

“A number of priority actions should be taken at the federal level before we can undertake elaboration of the concept of the Russian gas market development. First of all, key provisions of the Energy strategy of Russia should be adopted for the period up to 2020. Just this particular document should serve a basis for further work on the Russian gas market development concept. A state long-term program of a gradual upward adjustment of prices on gas should be formed. Gas consumers, producers and investors should clearly understand the dynamics of gas prices rise to the market level for the entire period. One should realize that abrupt, hasty decisions in the process of the gas market development concept threaten the reliability of gas supply and the energy safety of the country”, declared the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller.

Moreover, it is necessary to elaborate the principles of independent gas producers’ participation in modernization and reconstruction of the gas transmission system of the country.

From the point of view of Gazprom’s management, adoption of the RF Government decree allowing to sell a limited volume of Gazprom’s gas at free-market price should become the priority step in the process of the gas market liberalization. This is a prerequisite for transition to an auction sale of Gazprom’s and independent producers’ gas at open tenders.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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