In memory of Viktor S. Chernomyrdin

In childhood
Compressor and pump operator at Orsk Plant
In military service
In student dormitory
Launching Stage 2 of gas processing plant, Orenburg. 1975
With Alexey Kosygin, Chairman of Council of Ministers of USSR at construction site of gas processing plant, Orenburg. 1970s
With Nikolai Ryzhkov, Chairman of Council of Ministers of USSR. 1980s
At meeting in Tyumentransgaz. 1980s
In capacity of Director of Orenburg Gas Processing Plant
At meeting in Tyumentransgaz. 1980s
In capacity of Head of Gazprom State Gas Concern
In his office. All-Union Tyumengazprom Production Association
Gathering of friends, Orenburg
30th anniversary of Orenburg Gas Processing Plant
In Ukraine
At meeting with townsmen in Orenburg
In capacity of Deputy Minister of Gas Industry of USSR, Head of All-Union Tyumengazprom Production Association. Unit commissioning, Novy Urengoy. 1983
In capacity of Head of Gazprom State Gas Concern
Going outside with granddaughter Masha
With Alexander Pochinok at Congress of Deputies of Russian Federation
With Albert Gore, Vice President of USA
At military base, Novokuibyshevsk
With Boris Yeltsin
At home with his elder son’s family: grandson Andrey, elder son’s wife Svetlana, granddaughter Masha and Viktor Chernomyrdin himself with little Vitya
With granddaughter Masha at reception on occasion of Day of Russia, Kiev
With Boris Yeltsin
Hunting with gamekeeper in Barsuki wildlife area
Hunting was one of Viktor Chernomyrdin’s hobbies
With Bill Clinton, President of USA and Albert Gore, Vice President of USA
Viktor Chernomyrdin showing around Orenburg Gas Processing Plant to Vladimir Dolgikh, Member of Political Bureau of CPSU
With Leonid Kuchma, President of Ukraine
At Orenburg Gas Processing Plant
At celebrations dedicated to 25th anniversary of Russian gas supplies to Germany, Nurnberg. 1998
From left to right: son Andrey, Viktor’s wife Valentina, granddaughter Masha, elder son’s wife Svetlana with little Andrey and son Vitaly
With sons: younger son Andrey (left) and elder son Vitaly
Karachaganakskoye field (with Nikolai Ryzhkov and Nursultan Nazarbaev)
With Sergey Lavrov
Russian Ambassador residence in Kiev
With granddaughter Nastya, daughter of Andrey and Natalia
At Orenburg Gas Processing Plant. 2007
With wife Valentina during baptizing of grandson Andrey
At Barsuki wildlife area
With Boris Yeltsin
Viktor and Valentina were married for 48 years
With grandson Vitya
With wife Valentina in Barvikha
With family in Italy
At offshore drilling platform
Fishing in Sakmara River, Cherny Otrog
Viktor and Valentina in Paris
Gazprom. 1999
10th anniversary of Gazprom, Kremlin. February 2003
At Gas of Russia Forum, Moscow. November 29, 2005
At Gas of Russia Forum, Moscow. November 29, 2005
With Alexey Miller. September 2006
Next to his father’s “thirty-hundred-weight lorry” that Viktor bought out from communal farm and afterwards renovated
With Dmitry Medvedev, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation at gas processing plant, Orenburg. October 2007
Gift for 60th birthday. Viktor descended from Cossack family and had special feelings for horses and cars
15th anniversary of Gazprom, Kremlin. February 2008
With women’s Judo European Cup winners, Orenburg. June 28, 2010
Planet Chernomyrdin
In childhood