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    Environmental Management System

    In 1995, Gazprom became the first oil and gas company in Russia to adopt an Environmental Policy.


    environmental expenses of the Gazprom Group in 2019
    received environmental training in 2019

    Environmental impacts

    Gazprom operates both in densely-populated Russian regions and in pristine areas across Eastern Siberia, the Far East, the Extreme North, and the Arctic shelf. No matter the region, the Company seeks to minimize its environmental impacts.

    reduction in total air emissions in 2019 against 2018
    reduction in waste generation in 2019 against 2018
    million cubic meters
    reduction in wastewater disposal into surface water bodies in 2019 against 2018

    Energy saving

    Gazprom consistently enhances the energy efficiency of its operations, inter alia, through a wider use of advanced technologies and equipment, thereby reducing costs and mitigating environmental impacts.

    As a result, the actual fuel and energy savings in 2011–2019 stood at:

    billion cubic meters
    of natural gas
    billion kWh
    of electricity
    million Gcal
    of heat


    Gazprom issues annual reports on its environmental protection and sustainable development activities.

    were performed by Gazprom’s Environmental Inspectorate in 2019
    was channeled towards industrial environmental monitoring and control in 2019
    Final standings of Gazprom in overall rating
    Final standings of Gazprom in overall rating


    Since 2014, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia) in partnership with the Creon group, with the participation of the National Rating Agency, has been issuing ratings of the environmental impacts of oil and gas companies.