June 26

The Power of Growth Keynote statement by Alexey Miller

In 2014 Gazprom laid the basis for a new bound forward:

  • we expanded our resource base;
  • built up our production capacities;
  • maintained the lead in the Russian and global gas industry;
  • boosted our share in the European market;
  • made a crucial breakthrough to the Asian market.

Gazprom continues progressively improving its financial performance. Thus, an average annual growth of Gazprom’s EBITDA has equaled 15 per cent in the US dollar equivalent over the recent ten years, while an average growth of this indicator among 10 global public oil & gas majors equaled only 2 per cent. In 2014 Gazprom made it to the top three companies in terms of EBITDA. In the reporting year it reached some USD 52 billion, which is equivalent to RUB 2 trillion.


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