June 27

Gazprom at the leading edge Keynote statement by Alexey Miller

In 2013 we achieved excellent results. The behavior of Gazprom's main indicators demonstrates stability and reliability of the Company's business. The most important result of the year – a progress in the strategy aimed at promoting our leadership in the energy industry. We obtained a record-breaking level of gas supply to Europe. We became the leaders in developing hydrocarbon reserves of the Russian Arctic. We pioneered subsea gas production in Russia. Gazprom Group ranked first around the globe in terms of heat production. In the reporting year Gazprom took the lead among global companies by EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) results.

The 2013 results brought Gazprom to the leading edge of the global energy sector. We still have a lot to do – adopt cutting-edge technologies, penetrate into new oil and gas production regions and gain access to new markets. We will keep on improving the operating and financial results, diversify our businesses, expand the range of products and develop supply opportunities to serve the interests of our shareholders.


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