Annual General and extraordinary Shareholders Meetings of Gazprom – 2011

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  • June 30

    Gazprom: new horizons
    Keynote statement by Alexey Miller

    “In 2010 Gazprom was supplying Russian and foreign consumers with natural gas, other energy resources and their derivatives in a sustained manner. We have proven in practice that Gazprom is not only a reliable energy supplier, but also an important structure ensuring market stability and predictability.

    Gazprom maintained growth in production indicators over 2010 and is recovering steadily to the pre-crisis level. In 2010 we produced additional 57 million tons of fuel equivalent versus 2009. The output of natural gas, our main product, grew by more than 47 billion cubic meters to 508.6 billion cubic meters. Oil production rose by 4 million tons versus 2009.

    Positive shifts in production are accompanied by the positive financial dynamics which ranks with those of the world’s most successful gas companies.”

    Final Press Conference

    Press releases on preparations for the Meeting