Announcement of extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of OJSC Gazprom

The Board of Directors of Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom (location: 16 Nametkina Street, Moscow, Russian Federation) is hereby giving notice of the holding of an extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of OJSC Gazprom in the form of absentee voting (the closing date for the acceptance of voting ballots is November 16, 2004).

The list of shareholders entitled to participate in the annual General Shareholders Meeting is compiled on the basis of the register of shareholders of OJSC Gazprom as of the end of the business day of September 30, 2004.

Telephone of the Counting Board: (095)719-40-15.

To exercise your right to vote, you can send filled-out voting ballots (signed personally by shareholders or authorized representatives) to the Company. The ballots signed by shareholder representatives must be supplemented with documents confirming their right to represent shareholder interests or copies thereof authenticated according to the established procedure. Voting ballots can be sent by mail or delivered in person to: OJSC Gazprom, Counting Board, 16 Nametkina Street, V-420, GSP-7, Moscow, 117997.

Legal successors of the persons included in the list of persons entitled to participate in the meeting also present documents confirming the powers of legal successors.

The agenda of the meeting contains one item: “Amendments to the Articles of Association of OJSC Gazprom.” The draft amendments envisage relieving the Company member that has acquired more than 30 per cent of outstanding shares of OJSC Gazprom from the obligation to repurchase shares from other shareholders (this obligation also applies to every subsequent acquisition of 5 per cent of shares by such Company member).

Information (materials) provided during the preparations for the meeting is available from October 21, 2004, at the premises of OJSC Gazprom at the following address: 16 Nametkina Street, Moscow, Russian Federation, and at the specialized registrar (register holder) at the following address: 71/32 Novocheremushkinskaya Street, Moscow, 117420; also in the workplace for the shareholders employed by OJSC Gazprom.