Glossary of basic terms Convertion table

ADR of OAO GazpromAmerican depository receipt representing OAO Gazprom’s shares. One ADR ia equal to four ordinary shares of OAO Gazprom. Before April 2011 onwards 1 ADR provided a right for four ordinary shares of OAO Gazprom. Since April 2011 onwards 1 ADR provides a right for two ordinary shares of OAO Gazprom.
APGAssociated Petroleum Gas
APRAsian and Pacific Region includes countries located on continental Asia, America and in the Pacific Ocean zone, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
bcmBillion cubic meters
BNYMThe Bank of New York Mellon
boeBarrel of oil equivalent
BTUBritish thermal unit
CGPUComprehensive gas processing unit
CISThe Commonwealth of Independent States
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
CompanyOAO Gazprom
CRMSComprehensive Risk Management System
CSCompressor Station
CSACapacity Supply Agreement
CVETSOAO Gazprom Continuous Vocational Education and Training System
Dollars, US $U.S. dollars
EIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
EMSEnvironmental Management System
Far abroadForeign countries, excluding FSU Countries and Baltic States
FDFederal district
FPRFuel and Power Resources
FSU states/countriesRepublics of the former USSR, except for the Russian Federation
Gas cubic meterCubic meter of natural gas as measured at a pressure of one atmosphere and 20 °C
GasificationConstruction of low-pressure gas pipelines to ensure gas supply to the ultimate consumers
Gazprom energoholdingOOO “Gazprom” energoholding and its consolidated companies (OAO “Mosenergo”, OAO “TGC-1”, and OAO “WGC-2”)
Gazprom Group, Group, GazpromOAO “Gazprom” (head company) and its subsidiaries taken as a whole
GCFGas Condensate Field
GCLDLight distillate of gas condensate
GCSGas Compressor Station
GCUGas Compressor Unit
GDSGas Distribution System
GPPGas Processing Plant
GPUGas Pumping Unit
GTSGas Transmission System
Hydrocarbon reserves (categories A+B+C1)Explored reserves, according to the Russian reserves system
Hydrocarbon reserves (categories C1+C2)Crude oil and gas reserves on the basis of geological and geophysical data within the known gas areas. Category C2 reserves are preliminary estimated
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards
IRMSIntegrated Risk Management System
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LNGLiquefied natural gas
LPLinear parts of main gas pipeline
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas
LSELondon Stock Exchange
METMineral Extraction Tax
mcmThousand cubic meters
MICEXMICEX stock exchange
mmcmMillion cubic meters
OHSOccupational Health and Safety
OIRFPOffshore Ice-Resistant Fixed Platform
PHFPentane-hexane fraction
PRMS StandardsInternational classification and assessment of hydrocarbon reserves under PRMS (Petroleum Resources Management System)
R&DResearch & Development
RTSRTS stock exchange
Rubles, RUB, RRRussian rubles
Russia, RFThe Russian Federation
Russian FTSFederal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation
SPTStrategic Performance Target
SRTO-TorzhokGas pipeline from Nothern parts of Tyumen region to Torzhok
Standard coal equivalentStandard-natural unit. Calculated through a coefficient which equals to a thermal content of one kilo of the fuel devided by the thermal content of one kilo of the standart fuel (which is equal to 29.3076 MJ)
t c.e.A ton of standard coal equivalent
tonMetric ton
UGSFUnderground gas storage facility
UGSSUnified Gas Supply System of Russia
VATValue added tax
WFLHWide fraction of light hydrocarbons