Ruslan Antonov: Expert in every part of machinery

October 17, 2020

Published in Salavatsky Neftekhimik newspaper Issue 40, prepared by Elizaveta Kombarova

Ruslan Antonov is a mechanical engineer of the Chief Mechanic's Directorate at Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat, and has been employed with the company since 2008. His colleagues describe him as a highly competent and responsible professional. This year, on the eve of Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day, a picture of Ruslan was placed on the company's Employee Recognition Board.

Ruslan Antonov started his career after graduating from Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. The company's HR department assigned the young man to Workshop No. 52, where he spent several months working first as a fitter and then as an equipment operator.

“It is crucial for a future engineer to begin from the bottom of the career ladder, as this is what it takes to learn how each unit and detail of machinery works,” explains Ruslan Antonov. “Personally, I have found that my experience as a fitter and equipment operator at Workshop No. 52 has been very useful.”

Today, Ruslan can be rightly called an ace in mechanics, as he is well versed in the company's production facilities and operating equipment. He fondly recalls his ex-boss Andrey Bazhin, former head of unit No. 4 at Workshop No. 52.

“It was Mr. Bazhin who saw my potential. He gave me a wealth of knowledge. I will never forget the way I was hanging on every word he said, or perusing technical documentation on his recommendation,” says Ruslan.

In 2011, Ruslan was transferred to the Operations Diagnostic and Non-Destructive Testing Center of the Chief Mechanic's Directorate, where he still works as a mechanical engineer. This year, his efforts were rewarded with a certificate of merit, which his colleagues consider well-deserved.

“We have a tight-knit team here at the Operations Diagnostic and Non-Destructive Testing Center, and we are always happy about each other's professional victories and achievements. It was nice to hear congratulations from my colleagues,” shares Ruslan Antonov. “The news about my award and the request to take my picture for the Employee Recognition Board came out of the blue. I was even confused at first, but then, of course, I was glad to have my work valued by the management.”

Ruslan respects his manager, Robert Kubagushev, head of the pipeline and furnace technical inspection division of the Chief Mechanic's Directorate, and regards him as his mentor.

“He is like a father to us. Wise, smart, rational, and to put it short, a true professional! He is always ready to offer advice or suggestions. The best piece of advice he has given me is to never be afraid of anything, to advance slowly but steadily,” the mechanical engineer says.

During the period of major repairs, the Operations Diagnostic and Non-Destructive Testing Center was engaged in labor-intensive and energy-consuming operations. Ruslan Antonov is always responsible in his work, and he does not object to overtime or paperwork.

A loving wife and a four-year-old daughter, Diana, are always waiting for him at home. The curious kid wonders about her dad's work and his line of duty. After receiving explanations from her parents, she now understands that her dad works at a factory.

“I have no idea what she imagines a factory to be. I hope she will tell me when she grows up,” the happy father says with a smile.

In his free time, Ruslan plays billiards. He has been a fan of this game for 9 years now. He has even participated in billiards competitions and won prizes several times. As he says, the main idea behind this game is to determine the trajectory of the billiard balls and to hit them in the right way – pure geometry!

“In billiards, just as at work, you need to think twice before you make a move!” explains Ruslan Antonov.

He notes that he is always keen to face a strong rival and that playing billiards helps him decompress after a working day.