How to expose fraud job offers from impostors claiming to be Gazprom’s representatives

Hotline for fighting fraud, corruption, and embezzlement at Gazprom Group

+7 812 613-11-88

+7 812 613-11-92 fax

BOX 1255, St. Petersburg, 190000
Corporate Security Service, Gazprom

Fraud schemes:

  • applicants get job offers from impostors who claim to represent Gazprom or recruitment agencies. Then, in order to check out the list of available jobs or to submit a CV, the applicants are offered to register, send a paid SMS or provide their phone number, which eventually sees money charged off;
  • a job offer for General Workers is placed at a website by persons posing as Gazprom Group representatives. A job seeker calls the number indicated in the advertisement and provides his/her personal data (full name, age, and qualifications). The impostors contact the applicant within three days and offer him/her a different job with increased responsibility and remuneration. To assume the offered position, the job seeker needs a gas trunkline operator certificate. The impostors offer the job seeker assistance in purchasing the certificate for RUB 5,000. To do that, they send the applicant a text message with an email address asking him/her to write them a letter containing his/her name, birthdate, a 3x4 photo, and the destination address for the certificate, as well as to send them RUB 5,000 via an electronic payment system. As soon as the payment is made, the phone numbers used by the impostors become unavailable.

Easy ways of exposing fraud job offers:

  • Gazprom Group job offers are placed only on the special Gazprom Vacancies website, official websites of subsidiary companies and the HeadHunter website;
  • Gazprom never requests phone numbers to provide access to these websites;
  • prior to being sent job offers via e-mail, the applicants are always invited for interviews with Gazprom’s representatives;
  • Gazprom does not require a job seeker to pay a state duty for his/her registration with authorized bodies of Russia;
  • for business communication Gazprom Group companies use only the official website servers of the relevant companies and never use free email services. We recommend that you check the ownership of the domain name from which an email is sent to your address. To do so, please use purpose-built internet tools such as As a rule, the owner of a fake domain name is an anonymous individual, and the domain itself does not exist longer than a few months.

If you receive a fraud job offer, we recommend that you apply to law enforcement bodies.

If you want to work at Gazprom, please visit the Gazprom Vacancies website, the official website of a subsidiary company you are interested in or the HeadHunter website. Gazprom bears no responsibility for offers placed on other websites.