• Astrakhan - 2019
  • Bashkortostan - 2018
  • Sochi - 2016
  • Belarus - 2015
  • Kamchatka - 2014
  • Noyabrsk - 2013
  • Kuzbass - 2012
  • Saratov - 2011
  • Tomsk and Sakhalin - 2010
  • Gelendzhik - 2009
  • Orenburg - 2008
  • Yamburg - 2007
  • In October 2019, a study trip to the facilities of Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan and Gazprom Pererabotka was arranged for the students of the following 18 higher education institutions from among Gazprom's partner universities:

    1. Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping (St. Petersburg).
    2. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University.
    3. Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
    4. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (Moscow).
    5. Higher School of Economics National Research University (Moscow).
    6. Industrial University of Tyumen.
    7. Kazan National Research Technological University.
    8. Leipzig University (Germany).
    9. Lomonosov Moscow State University.
    10. Polotsk State University (Belarus).
    11. St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU).
    12. St. Petersburg Mining University.
    13. St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University.
    14. St. Petersburg State University of Economics.
    15. St. Petersburg State University.
    16. Tomsk Polytechnic University.
    17. Ufa State Petroleum Technological University.
    18. Ukhta State Technical University.

    In the course of the trip, the students visited the central office of Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan and a number of facilities: well No. 77 at the Astrakhanskoye gas and condensate field, Gas Pre-Treatment Unit No. 2, the gas safety control room, the production and dispatch service, and the automated firefighting training complex.

    In addition, the representatives of higher education institutions paid a visit to the Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant of Gazprom Pererabotka.

    The managers and specialists from Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan and Gazprom Pererabotka told the future gas workers about the production, social and HR policies of their companies.