• Bashkortostan - 2018
  • Sochi - 2016
  • Belarus - 2015
  • Kamchatka - 2014
  • Noyabrsk - 2013
  • Kuzbass - 2012
  • Saratov - 2011
  • Tomsk and Sakhalin - 2010
  • Gelendzhik - 2009
  • Orenburg - 2008
  • Yamburg - 2007
  • In May students from the leading higher educational institutions of the Russian gas and oil industry (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, and Ufa State Petroleum Technological University) were on a fact-finding trip at Gazprom production facilities in Orenburg. Taking part in the visit were 150 persons – outstanding students getting the industry-oriented specialties.

    Students saw the main production facilities of Gazprom dobycha Orenburg. They were told about the operation of the gas processing and the helium plants, the booster compressor station at the Orenburg gas and condensate field, and went on an excursion to the social facilities of the company.

    In addition, during the visit the students met with the top managers of Gazprom dobycha Orenburg. Future gasmen were told about the company’s activity and received answers to their questions.