Saratov gas workers bring gas to boiler room of new infectious diseases center

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On December 10, gas started to flow into the boiler room of an infectious diseases center that is currently under construction in the city of Saratov. To make this possible, Saratovgaz built more than 500 meters of a high-pressure gas pipeline made of polyethylene as part of utility connection activities. The amounts of gas required for the hospital were approved and are being provided by the gas supply company Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Saratov. Thanks to the prompt efforts made by the gas workers, the hospital for 250 children and 150 adults will be provided with heating and hot water.

The medical complex is a facility of considerable social significance for the Saratov Region, especially during the pandemic. It will be the most advanced and hi-tech medical center regionwide. That is why the gas workers brought gas to the facility in record time.

“What is especially unique about this facility is how quickly it was put together. The design works took just a week. The gas networks were built in less than a month. We began building them on October 16 and finished them on November 11, 2020. By December 1, all as-built documentation was signed at the Central Volga Office of Rostekhnadzor, and the gas pipeline was put on the books of Saratovgaz. On December 10, gas started to flow into the boiler room,” said Vyacheslav Bashunov, Director General of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Saratov, Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye Saratov Region and Saratovgaz.


Employees of Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye Saratov Region and Saratovgaz voluntarily donated their daily salaries to the construction project for the medical complex. The overall amount of donations exceeded RUB 1 million.

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