Biathlon and Ski Complex in Krasnaya Polyana completely ready for test competitions

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The Gazprom-sponsored Biathlon and Ski Complex in Krasnaya Polyana is completely ready for test competitions. The entire sports infrastructure – the biathlon stadium, cottage community, ski and biathlon tracks – have been commissioned and prepared for first sports competitions.

The biathlon stadium accommodates around 5,000 spectators, while the Biathlon and Ski Complex admits the total of 9,600 people. It is one of the world’s largest and most comfortable buildings of this type.

The biathlon shooting range is also ready for competitions. It is located in close proximity to the stadium and offers a good view from spectator stands. It includes 30 Olympic targets equipped with an automated electronic system. The shooting range was built with due consideration given to the regional wind chart: the shooting area is surrounded by slopes, therefore the targets are protected from the wind that may affect the sports results.

The tracks for ski and biathlon competitions are considered difficult and have a lot of curves and turns. That’s why it was so important for Russian sportsmen to get acquainted with the facility as soon as possible. Sportsmen have started arriving at the cottage community located a 10 minute walk away from the tracks and lodging 300 people.


The Integrated Biathlon and Ski Complex is being built in line with Clause 2 of the Government-approved Program for Construction of Olympic Venues and Development of Sochi as a Mountain Climate Resort. In addition to sports venues, the Complex has auxiliary infrastructure facilities – an access road, a hotel complex, aparthotels integrated in the Mountain Olympic Village, etc. The Complex will be fully operational in autumn 2013.

Test competitions to take place at Gazprom’s Biathlon and Ski Complex in Krasnaya Polyana between February 6 and March 12 will comprise the following events:

  • February 6–11 – biathlon (Russian Cup);
  • February 13–16 – Nordic combined skiing (Russian Cup);
  • February 23–29 – ski race (Russian Cup);
  • March 4–12 – ski race and biathlon (Russian Paralympic Championship).


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