Meeting on Russian Military Glory Day


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On December 5 the Gazprom VNIIGAZ premises hosted a meeting of war veterans, former employees of the company. This day is the Military Glory Day commemorating the start of the Russian counterattack at the Battle of Moscow in 1941. Opening the meeting was Ivan Teryaev, Chairman of the Council of War and Labor Veterans, former frontline soldier and employee of Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

The meeting gathered the guardswomen of the Russian capital who were awarded the Medal for the Defense of Moscow, namely Zoya Sycheva and Anna Firsova, they both had worked at Gazprom VNIIGAZ for several decades after the end of World War II.

At the time of winter months during the first year of the War, Nikolai Laktionov was only 16 years old when he became one of the Moscow defenders. By December 1941 he had a working experience as an electrician assistant at the People’s Commissariat of the Defense Industry, and just in a year Nikolai was enrolled in the Army as a volunteer; ultimately, he was severely injured after the forced crossing of the Oder River and that prevented him to celebrate the Victory Day in Berlin. After the end of the War, for 25 years he worked at the laboratory for power supply to gas facilities of Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

On the Military Glory Day people at Gazprom VNIIGAZ warmly and heartily welcomed the veterans, listened carefully to wise words from the older generation and planned new meetings for the upcoming year of 2013 – the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk.


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For many years Gazprom VNIIGAZ has supported the Council of War and Labor Veterans (Razvilka settlement) and organizes meetings and campaigns for veterans.

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