Single Window System for innovative proposals

In 2015, Gazprom developed and approved the Regulation on Single Window System for implementation of innovative products developed by small and medium-sized enterprises and consideration of innovative proposals from individuals and legal entities. The document is designed to streamline interactions between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Gazprom’s structural units and subsidiaries that take part in making decisions on accepting innovative products for use at the Company.

The Regulation applies to innovative and high-tech goods, works, services and R&D solutions such as ready-to-use innovations produced by SMEs and offered for use (implementation, application, execution, performance) by Gazprom and its subsidiaries, as well as to innovative proposals submitted to the Company by individuals and legal entities (including SMEs) before such proposals have generated a finished product (technology).

The administrator responsible for the operation and development of the Single Window System is the Department (Oleg Aksyutin). The System’s operator is Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

Proposals for the implementation of innovative products (solutions) at Gazprom can be submitted via the Single Window System website (in Russian).