Gazprom’s Science and Technology Prize

Every year, Gazprom holds a competition for the Science and Technology Prize. The Prize aims to recognize ambitious solutions in production, transportation, storage, processing and utilization of natural gas, gas condensate and oil, on the basis of which new machinery, equipment, instruments and materials were created or improved and, what is most important, effectively applied.

The results of the competition are reviewed and approved at the meetings of the Gazprom Management Committee. Each Prize winner receives a monetary award, a winner’s certificate, and a winner’s medal with an authenticity card. A winner’s certificate is also awarded to the nominating company of the prize-winning project. The authors of the top-winning submission are given special certificates and medals, and their company is presented with a special trophy in addition to the top-winners’ certificate. Gazprom awards a maximum of ten Prizes per year.

All subsidiaries of Gazprom are welcome to make their submissions for the Prize from March 1 through April 30 of the respective year. The preparatory activities and the competition process are coordinated by Department 623 of Gazprom.

Prize winners

In the framework of corporate events celebrating the Year of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation*, Gazprom Department (Oleg Aksyutin) is pleased to announce the launch of the competition for the 2021 edition of Gazprom's Science and Technology Prize.

You are welcome to make your submissions to Gazprom Department (Oleg Aksyutin) from March 1, 2021. The application papers will be received until April 30, 2021.

Please note that when making your submissions and preparing the required documents you are to comply with the provisions of the Gazprom Regulation on Science and Technology Prizes approved by the Gazprom Management Committee Resolution No. 35 dated July 3, 2006 (as amended by the Gazprom Management Committee Resolutions No. 44 dated November 16, 2016, and No. 39 dated September 23, 2019).

* By Executive Order of Russian President Vladimir Putin No. 812 dated December 25, 2020