Innovative activity

  • Single Window System for innovative proposals
  • Planning and organizing R&D
  • Intellectual property
  • Gazprom’s Science and Technology Prize
  • Gazprom prioritizes innovative development and advancement from the technological and organizational standpoints as the key prerequisites for the efficient and sustainable development of the oil and gas sector and Russia’s fuel and energy complex at large.

    Gazprom invests heavily in research & development.

    In that regard, the Company is the leader of the Russian energy industry and one of the world’s top ten energy majors.

    The Gazprom Group’s innovative activities include the preparation of prospective plans and programs for sustainable development of the domestic fuel and energy complex, expansion of the feedstock base, and creation of new technologies for efficient production, transportation and processing of natural resources.

    In June 2016, the Gazprom Innovative Development Program until 2025 was approved. The document outlines a package of measures aimed at developing and introducing new technologies, innovative products and services at gas and oil production, transportation and processing facilities, as well as at power plants.

    The Program defines the main lines of action for R&D, design & engineering, and technical efforts in the context of the Company’s technological priorities.

    All forward-looking ideas and proposed solutions are submitted to the Gazprom Science and Technology Council, which is composed of renowned scientists and highly-qualified experts. The Council reviews incoming proposals in terms of their potential for use in field development, infrastructure construction, upgrade of the existing capacities, etc.

    The best R&D, design, engineering and technological projects in the priority lines of action are nominated for Gazprom’s Prize.

    Effective management of intellectual property is an important focus area for Gazprom. By making efforts to that end, the Company contributes to the implementation of the national strategy for innovative development and improves Gazprom’s economic and financial performance.