Vyacheslav Mikhalenko

Member of the Management Committee, Head of Department 308

Vyacheslav Mikhalenko
Vyacheslav Mikhalenko

Vyacheslav Mikhalenko

Vyacheslav Mikhalenko was born in 1965 in the Bryansk Region.

He graduated from the Bryansk Institute of Transport Machinery, majoring in Internal Combustion Engines.

He holds a PhD in Engineering.

Vyacheslav Mikhalenko has served in Gazprom for more than 26 years.


Process Engineer, Dispatch Engineer, Engineer at the Gas Compressor Service (GCS) of the Beyneu Line Pipe Operation Center, Saratovtransgaz Association.


Shift Engineer, Technical Equipment Repair Engineer, Head of GCS-1 at the Kursk Line Pipe Operation Center, Mostransgaz.


Deputy Head – Chief Engineer at the Tula Line Pipe Operation Center, Mostransgaz.


Director of the Engineering Center, Mostransgaz.


Deputy Director General for Prospective Development – Head of the Directorate for Gas Pipelines Operation in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, Tomsktransgaz.


Chief Engineer – First Deputy Director General, Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk (before February 2008 – Tomsktransgaz). In 2012, he was working part-time as Director General of Gazprom Invest Vostok.


Director General, Gazprom Transgaz Moscow.


Head of Department 308, Gazprom.

Since September, 2015

Member of the Management Committee, Head of Department 308, Gazprom.