Audit Commission

The Audit Commission is an elective body reporting to Gazprom’s General Shareholders Meeting.

The Commission carries out its functions in line with the Russian Federation legislation, the Gazprom Charter, the decisions of the General Shareholders Meeting and the Regulation on the Gazprom Audit Commission approved by the General Shareholders Meeting on June 28, 2013.

The primary objectives of the Audit Commission are as follows:

  • to control the preparation of reliable Financial and Accounting Statements of the Company and other information regarding Gazprom’s financial and operating activities and its property status;
  • to oversee the statutory compliance of accounting record-keeping and information disclosure to the shareholders and appropriate bodies;
  • to prepare proposals on enhancing the efficiency of the Company’s assets and other financial and operating activities management, mitigating financial and operational risks, improving the internal control system.

Current members of Audit Commission

Ivan Bezmenov Director of Department, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Vadim Bikulov Deputy Head of Department – Head of Directorate at Department of the Management Committee Administration, Gazprom
Tatiana Fisenko Director of Department, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Alexander Gladkov Director of Department, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Margarita Mironova First Deputy Head of the Management Committee Administration – Head of Department at the Management Committee Administration, Gazprom
Yury Nosov Member of the Boards of Directors at Belgazprombank, Gazprom Space Systems, and Lazurnaya
Karen Oganyan Head of Department, Gazprom
Sergey Platonov Deputy Director of Department, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Evgeny Stolyarov Director of Department, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation