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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server to be stored on your computer.

How do we use cookies?

When you visit, we collect and process cookie files containing information about your previous visits to, websites (queries) that led you to, your identifiers (IDs), IP address, location data, type of device, date and time of session, and browsing activities on the website, including through such metric programs as Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics, which can also send cookies to your device and use your data on the terms and conditions specified by the operators of these services.

Privacy policy

Gazprom is fully committed to protecting the personal data of users in line with the relevant laws of the Russian Federation. Cookie files are only processed by Gazprom to the extent necessary to optimize the performance and functionality of the website. Third-party cookies are available to the operators that place them on this website. Gazprom does not transfer information collected through cookies to third parties, nor does it disclose or exchange such information to or with other parties outside of Gazprom, except for its contracting organization Webdesign LLC (7 (Bldg. 1), Office IB, Room 4, 1905 Goda St., Moscow, 123022) for the purpose of technical maintenance of this website under the contract with Gazprom.

Categories of cookies we use

The cookies used on this website fall into the following categories:

  1. Cookies collected by this website:
    1. gazprom-cookie-agreement – used to display a message about cookies (stored for 60 years);
    2. gazprom-tenders-prequalification-registry-sort-param – used in the Procurement section to save sorting parameters (stored until the next session);
    3. journals-archive – used in the Periodicals section to save the current tab order (stored until the next session);
    4. tenders_* – used in the Procurement section to filter data (stored for 375 days).
  2. Cookies placed on the website by third-party providers, such as Yandex, Google, and YouTube (the list of cookies is updated by third-party providers; Gazprom bears no responsibility for any changes in the list):
    1. Cookies collected by Yandex:
      1. metrika_enabled – used for the cookie banner (placed when you visit the website);
      2. i – used by Yandex.Maps (placed when you visit the website);
      3. _ym_metrika_enabled, _ym_isad, _ym_uid, _ym_d, yabs-sid, _ym_debug, _ym_mp2_substs*, _ym_visorc_*, _ym_hostIndex, _ym_mp2_track*, i, yandexuid, yuidss, ymex, usst, _ym*_lastHit, _ym*_lsid, _ym*_reqNum, _ym_retryReqs, zz – used by Yandex.Metrica (placed upon permission; read more on the official website of Yandex:
    2. Cookies collected by Google Analytics (placed upon permission,, __utmb, __utmt, __utmc, __utmz, __utma, __utmv, NID.
    3. Cookies collected by YouTube (placed by default when you visit a page that has a video embedded from YouTube): yt-remote-device-id, yt-player-headers-readable, yt-player-bandaid-host, yt-remote-connected-devices, yt-player-bandwidth, yt-remote-session-app, yt-remote-cast-installed, yt-remote-session-name, yt-remote-fast-check-period, yt-html5-player-modules::subtitlesModuleData::module-enabled, test_cookie, IDE.

Types of cookies we use

Session (temporary) cookies

These cookies are only stored in temporary memory while you navigate the website. After you close the browser, your temporary cookies will be deleted.

Performance cookies

These cookies ensure the operability and functionality of the website. Performance cookies count page visits and traffic sources, allowing us to assess and improve our website performance. They help us determine which pages are visited most often and how visitors move around the website. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are placed on our website by third-party organizations whose web services we use to improve and optimize our website performance and usability, as well as to collect and analyze statistics on user navigation. Specifically, our website uses Yandex.Maps (YANDEX LLC) and the analytics services Yandex.Metrica (YANDEX LLC) and Google Analytics (Google LLC). Our website also displays embedded videos from YouTube (Google LLC).

Marketing cookies

Gazprom does not use marketing cookies on its website. However, the website may contain marketing cookies placed by third-party providers.

Managing cookies

Website users can always control cookie files on their devices. Most browsers allow users to block, delete or disable cookies. Users who disable cookies may lose access to some pages on our website or the ability to use some of its functions. For more information on how to manage cookies in different browsers, please visit:

  • Chrome: Settings → Privacy and security → Cookies and other site data (chrome://settings/cookies);
  • Opera: Settings → Advanced → Privacy & security → Cookies and other site data;
  • Mozilla Firefox: Settings → Privacy & Security → Browser Privacy → Custom → Cookies (about:preferences#privacy);
  • Microsoft Edge: Settings → Site permissions → Cookies and site data → Manage and delete cookies and other site data (edge://settings/content/cookies);
  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Privacy → Settings → Advanced → Advanced privacy settings.

Gazprom bears no responsibility for any cookies used on third-party websites that may be accessed from links provided on our website.