Rem Vyakhirev


Rem Vyakhirev was born on August 23, 1934 in Bolshaya Chernigovka settlement, Kuibyshev Region.

In 1956 he graduated from Kuibyshev Industrial Institute, majoring in Oil and Gas Fields Development. After graduating from the Institute, he worked at Kuibyshevneft Association under the USSR Oil Industry Ministry where he advanced from an assistant oil production foreman to a branch manager.

From 1963 to 1965 Rem Vyakhirev worked as Director for Facilities Construction at the Kuleshovskoye field.

From 1965 to 1970 – Director of an oil stabilization plant and Deputy Head of Bogatovskneft Oil and Gas Production Directorate.

From 1970 to 1976 – Head of Dedurovskoye Gas Production Directorate and Director of Orenburgneft Association under the USSR Gas Industry Ministry.

Between 1976 and 1978 Rem Vyakhirev worked as Chief Engineer and Deputy Head of Orenburggazdobycha Production Association and later took up the post of Orenburggazdobycha Head.

From 1978 to 1982 he was Chief Engineer at All-Union Orenburggazprom Industrial Association.

In 1983 he was appointed Deputy Minister of the USSR Gas Industry and Head of Tyumengazprom Association.

From 1986 to 1989 Rem Vyakhirev performed the offices of First Deputy Minister of the USSR Gas Industry.

In 1989 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of Gazprom State Gas Concern.

In December 1992 he became Acting Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom State Gas Concern, and from March 1993 to May 30, 2001 he worked as Chairman of the Management Committee of OAO Gazprom.

From June 2001 till June 2002 Rem Vyakhirev was Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors.

On February 11, 2013 Rem Vyakhirev, a person who was one of the originators of Gazprom and headed it from 1992 to 2001, passed away at the age of 79 in Moscow.

Titles and awards

  • Order of Lenin;
  • Order of the October Revolution;
  • Order for the Services to the Fatherland, IV Class;
  • Order of the Friendship of Peoples;
  • Order of St. Andrew;
  • USSR State Prize;
  • Russian Federation State Prize in Science;
  • Doctor of Economics;
  • Academician with the Russian Academy of Engineering;
  • Full Member of the Academy of Gas Sciences;
  • Honorary Professor with Samara State Technical University.