Congratulations from YuzhNIIgiprogaz

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Vladimir Bondartsov

Vladimir Bondartsov

On behalf of a multi-thousand team of YuzhNIIgiprogaz and my own behalf, I heartily congratulate the Company’s employees on a remarkable event – the 20th anniversary of Gazprom.

Today Gazprom is among the major global gas companies, a multi-core industrial enterprise dealing with exploration, drilling, treatment, transmission and distribution of natural gas.

Twenty years of work mean trillions cubic meters of gas produced and supplied to consumers both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

But the Company’s true wealth is its human resources – a tight-knit team of experts successfully solving the most complicated operational tasks and aiming their efforts at rapid development of the Russian gas industry and economics.

We are greatly satisfied to note there is a bit of our efforts in Gazprom’s progress. Our Institute contributed to designing the following major gas projects:

  • major gas, gas and condensate fields in Western Siberia (Medvezhye, Yamburgskoye, Yamsoveyskoye, Kharvutinskoye, Vyngapurovskoye, Khancheyskoye, Yuzhno-Russkoye, etc.);
  • the Orenburg and Astrakhan gas chemical complexes;
  • multi-line gas transmission systems to deliver gas from northern Tyumen Region to Central Russia and down to the western border of the former USSR, including the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunkline and many others.

Collaboration with Gazprom’s companies is not just a challenging and responsible work, but a real honor for us.

Every employee of the Institute feels grateful that 80 years of the Institute’s activities were closely related to the gas industry, and yet the Institute has an opportunity to proceed with comprehensive design for Gazprom’s major construction projects irrespectively of our location in Ukraine.

We assure you that the Institute’s team will use all its production capabilities as well as experience and knowledge accumulated over the years to fully meet the demands of all the Gazprom’s customers in high-quality project documents.

We sincerely wish you, Mr. Miller, and Gazprom’s team robust health, new labor achievements, prosperity and successful work for the benefit of Russia and the industry.

Vladimir Bondartsov

On behalf of YuzhNIIgiprogaz team, Director