Congratulation from Shokir Faizullaev

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Shokir Faizullaev

Shokir Faizullaev

Let me express my gratitude for inviting me to visit a ceremony dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Company you head.

Let me congratulate you and in your person all of Gazprom’s employees on this memorable date celebrated against the background of tremendous successes you have achieved since a gas concern had been reorganized into a joint stock Company with the management so skillful that it has turned the Company into the world’s largest natural gas producer.

For us Gazprom is not only the world-famous and rapidly advancing Company, but also a major strategic partner with longstanding friendship relations.

Though sharing your joy of the celebrated date, unfortunately I won’t be able to come to Moscow to pay my respects to you in person and congratulate you on this big holiday.

Shokir Faizullaev

Chairman of the Board of Uzbekneftegaz