Congratulations from System Operator of the United Power System of Russia (SO UPS)

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Boris Ayuev

Boris Ayuev

On behalf of the SO UPS management I would like to congratulate you and all Gazprom’s employees on the 20th anniversary of the Company!

Gazprom’s history is a vivid example of dynamically developing business ready to look for new solutions and bring bold ideas to life. Successful performance of Russia’s major energy company serves as a paramount factor of economic development of modern Russia and helps strengthen our country’s position abroad.

Today Gazprom ranks among the largest owner of power generating capacities in Russia and successfully expands its competitive presence in the power industry, intensely building new and upgrading the existing power generating facilities as well as adopting cutting-edge power generation technologies.

Due to the professional and responsible approach of the Company’s management and employees, the investment program for power generation development is being executed in strict compliance with the undertaken obligations, thus satisfying the country’s growing power demand, providing for Russia’s socioeconomic progress and increasing the stability of the electrical power complex.

High professionalism of Gazprom’s team, constructive approach to meeting of challenging tasks, maintenance of balance among the interests of the Company, its partners, consumers and the Government inspire respect in the energy community.

SO UPS and Gazprom are united by long-standing partnership relations aimed at achieving the common goal – maintaining reliable and uninterrupted operation of the UPS of Russia, securing its dynamic and balanced development in strict compliance with the demands of the country’s economy.

On this festive day of the Company’s anniversary I wish the whole multi-thousand team of Gazprom further professional achievements, steady progress and success in all your efforts! Robust health to all the employees and their families, happiness and well-being!

Boris Ayuev

Chairman of the SO UPS Management Board