Congratulations from RusTurboMash

Dear friends!

Russian Turbo Machinery (RusTurboMash)

Please, accept our sincere congratulations on your 20th anniversary!

Nowadays Gazprom is one of the world’s leading fast-growing companies whose successes are the guarantee of reliable natural gas supplies to industrial, transportation, agricultural and public utility facilities.

RusTurbomash views Gazprom as a strategic partner in a variety of projects, and the cooperation with it is an honorable and responsible mission.

In this anniversary year we wish you and all Gazprom’s employees robust health, high spirits and well-being.

We are confident that the successes attained by the Group will soon be enriched by new achievements.

We value the existing partner relations and are always eager to cooperate!

Viktor Veber

Director General and the team of RusTurboMash