Congratulations from Russian Federal Subsurface Use Agency

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Head of the Federal Subsurface Use Agency Alexander Popov

Alexander Popov

On behalf of the Federal Subsurface Use Agency and my personal behalf I congratulate you and all the Gazprom’s employees on the 20th anniversary!

Gazprom is the largest global energy company in Russia and worldwide. It is focused on gas, gas condensate and oil exploration, production, transmission, storage, processing and marketing as well as heat and electricity generation and sales.

Gazprom’s employees are highly skilled experts having deep knowledge and vast experience in efficient and sustainable supplies of natural gas and other types of energy sources as well as their derivatives to consumers.

Gazprom performs important activities on developing gas resources in the Yamal Peninsula, Arctic shelf, Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

I am sure that your Company will go on efficiently meeting vital issues facing the Russian oil and gas sector.

With all my heart I wish you and all the Gazprom’s personnel robust health, unquenchable vitality, happiness, well-being, prosperity and further fruitful work for our country’s benefit!


Alexander Popov

Sincerely yours, Head of the Federal Subsurface Use Agency