Congratulations from Peterhof State Museum-Reserve

Highly esteemed Mr. Miller!

Elena Kalnitskaya

Elena Kalnitskaya

The team of Peterhof State Museum-Reserve has the honor to congratulate Gazprom on the 20th anniversary.

Your Company is the successor of the soviet Gazprom, which was established by remarkable, courageous, devoted professionals. Gazprom carries on gas industry traditions in a dignified way. In the difficult 1990’s the Company became the stronghold of the new Russian economy development. During these years the Company has established itself as a global leader in many respects and it continues to set itself new ambitious plans. Gazprom may be proud of its achievements, such as industrial development, gas, heat and electricity in Russian homes, responsible social policy.

Healthy lifestyle promotion as well as support to sports, health care and, of course, culture are of vital importance to the Company. Peterhof State Museum-Reserve found a reliable partner and a friend in Gazprom. For many years the unique Oranienbaum Palace and Park Ensemble was unrestored, palace buildings and 18th century interiors needed urgent help. Due to your Company’s participation comprehensive activities started on the refurbishment of the Chinese Palace – a masterpiece of the Catherinian Era. We got a chance to preserve not only the palace building and chambers, but also the precious pieces of Russian decorative and applied art. Our visitors may eye the renewed glass bead panels and mosaic tables crafted in the workhouses of brilliant Lomonosov.

We believe that our friendship and fruitful cooperation will bring utter joy to genuine art lovers and serve as a good example of careful attitude to cultural treasures of our country. Let me wish all of Gazprom’s employees robust health, well-being, domestic bliss; not to rest on your laurels and always keep pace with glorious Gazprom!

Elena Kalnitskaya

Director General