Congratulations from Viktor Nazarov

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Viktor Nazarov

Viktor Nazarov

With all my heart I congratulate you and all the Company’s employees on the 20th anniversary of Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom.

This anniversary is associated with the work of hundreds of thousands Russian citizens utterly devoted to their cause, real professionals who secure consistent performance of oil and gas fields under harsh conditions.

Today each of you may be proud of the results of your work. Oil and gas produced in Russia are the keystones of its prosperity, stability and wellbeing.

Gazprom, as a major Russian taxpayer, occupies a leading position in the country’s fuel and energy complex and ranks among global leaders in terms of hydrocarbons and gas production and processing. It’s not an overstatement to say that Gazprom is a powerful and reliable foundation of Russia.

The Omsk Region and the leading Russian company are united by long-standing partnership relations. Gazprom Group considerably contributes to regional gasification, actively implements sports projects, thus helping the dreams of Omsk boys and girls come true. I am sure that our partnership will successfully develop further on.

Let the anniversary year become for Gazprom the year of fulfillment of its most ambitious plans and open up great prospects for further development and prosperity.

I wish you and all the Company’s employees robust Siberian health, new professional achievements, happiness, wellbeing and good spirits!


Viktor Nazarov

Governor of the Omsk Region