Congratulations from Alexander Mikhailov

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Alexander Mikhailov

Alexander Mikhailov

With all my heart I would like to congratulate you and all Gazprom’s employees on the 20th anniversary!

Gazprom justly ranks among the industry’s leaders having cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing facilities and highly-qualified personnel. Due to efficient management and constant innovative efforts the Company steadily progresses and builds well-thought-out long-term plans for moving up to new higher levels in production and processing.

I am sure that outstanding good practices, high level of professionalism and competency of Gazprom’s employees will help you further maintain and enhance your leading position in both Russian and global markets.

You are celebrating your anniversary possessing new opportunities for further development of Russia’s fuel and energy potential which contributes to prosperity, well-being and growth of our Fatherland’s might.

On my behalf and on behalf of the Kursk Region inhabitants I would like to express gratitude for mutual understanding and fruitful cooperation for many years.

I would like to wish the Company’s management and employees efficient and stable work, health, happiness, success in your labor which is really important for our Region and the whole country!


Alexander Mikhailov

Governor of the Kursk Region