Congratulations from Lev Kuznetsov

Dear friends!

Lev Kuznetsov

Lev Kuznetsov

I congratulate Gazprom’s team on the 20th anniversary of the Company!

Efficient management and excellent performance of all the employees made Gazprom a global energy company known all over the world. Today Gazprom is a crucial element of the national energy system, the driving force of the innovative development of the industry. Year after year, Gazprom’s potential is growing, the gas transmission network is expanding, the export of energy resources is increasing. The Company is headed for new victories and achievements.

The Krasnoyarsk Territory Government pays great attention to the Eastern Gas Program of Gazprom and is ready to support the accompanying projects and initiatives in the region.

I wish Gazprom wellbeing and may all your plans succeed!


Lev Kuznetsov

Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory