Congratulations from Evgeny Kuivashev

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Evgeny Kuivashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region

Evgeny Kuivashev

I heartily congratulate you and all Gazprom’s employees on the 20th anniversary!

Gazprom is a world renowned brand associated with high professionalism, excellent reputation, guaranteed reliability underpinned not only by Russian natural riches, but also by long service of gifted managers, mineral resources explorers, gas workers, engineers, scientists.

Thank you for the invitation to the Company’s anniversary. Due to the tight working schedule I can’t congratulate you and your team personally today, but I am sure that fruitful cooperation between the Sverdlovsk Region and Gazprom speaks for itself of the distinctive mission the Company performs in Russian regions.

Where there is gas – there is life. Every day we see that this statement is true. By combined efforts we continue to gasify the remotest regions of the Middle Urals, which produces a positive effect on business activity and provides for considerable improvement of life quality in townlets and rural areas. Gazprom represents a major profitable customer for our industrial enterprises and a responsive and generous benefactor for many social institutions. I wish you personally, esteemed Mr. Miller, and all Gazprom new achievements and new victories, health, luck and prosperity.

Evgeny Kuivashev

Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region