Congratulations from Gulomzhon Ibragimov

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Gulomzhon Ibragimov, Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Uzbekistan

Gulomzhon Ibragimov

Let me congratulate you and all the Gazprom’s employees on an outstanding event – the 20th anniversary of the largest gas and energy corporation!

The Company’s history is a history of successful economic development. Under your strict guidance Gazprom occupied a leading position in the global market and turned into a guarantor of the global energy stability in a short period of time.

The high professionalism of the well-coordinated team you lead will undoubtedly add new pages in the growth history and will further reflect in activities and projects of tomorrow.

To us Gazprom is not only a world-renowned company, but also the most important strategic partner with whom we are connected by friendly long-standing relationship. Our fruitful cooperation is, of course, an extremely valuable practical experience, and we are looking forward to its further strengthening.

Esteemed Mr. Miller, please accept on this milestone day our sincere congratulations on a great anniversary and wishes of new business and creative success, robust health, happiness and prosperity to you and all the Gazprom’s team as well as effective growth for greater prosperity!

Gulomzhon Ibragimov

Yours respectfully, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan