Congratulations from Stroytransgaz

Dear Mr. Miller!

Vadim Gurinov

Vadim Gurinov

I extend my heartiest congratulations to you and all Gazprom’s employees on the 20th anniversary of the Company.

The jubilee of Russia’s largest joint stock company is an outstanding event not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. Over the past years Gazprom has worked its difficult way. The Company is the national pride, the flagship of Russian economy and one of the most powerful energy corporations in the world.

Each and every achievement of Gazprom, its ambitious projects aimed at boosting gas production and transmission capacities, diversifying routes and expanding geographic reach are underpinned by thousands of people, the real experts. It’s your team that secures reliable gas supplies to the industrial and residential sectors, replenishes federal and regional budgets and fulfills international obligations of Russia.

Gazprom gave a strong impetus to the construction sector within the domestic oil and gas industry. Gazprom managed to preserve the research and production potential and ensured the innovative development of the gas industry and, meanwhile, delivered challenging large-scale projects to harness efficiently the country’s resources. At all stages of its development Stroytransgaz viewed the mutually beneficial cooperation with Gazprom as a strategic objective. Stroytransgaz is especially proud of its engagement in pre-developing the giant Zapolyarnoye field, constructing Blue Stream and in other Gazprom’s projects.

Our team puts a high value on your immense efforts, dedication to your chosen lifework and wishes you and all Gazprom’s employees on this significant day further success in pursuing your mission for the benefit of the country!

Vadim Gurinov

President of Stroytransgaz.