Congratulations from Alexander Bedritsky

Congratulations from Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Alexander Bedritsky

Alexander Bedritsky

I congratulate you and Gazprom’s multi-thousand team on the 20th anniversary of the joint stock Company. Today reliable and uninterrupted gas supplies to Russian industry and population as well as energy security of many foreign countries depend on Gazprom.

During the twenty years of activity in the conditions of Russian market economy formation, Gazprom has taken a worthy place among the most powerful global energy companies and it continues to progressively advance in different areas – new fields are being discovered and developed, including those offshore, new gas transmission routes are being laid, the number of consumers in Russia and abroad is increasing.

Gazprom is gradually building up its potential in environment protection, sustainable development, mitigation of man-made load on the climatic system. Advanced infrastructure projects are being implemented with the use of cutting-edge technologies complying with Russian and international environmental standards. A whole set of environmental measures, including those on environmental awareness and education of the younger generation, will be taken in 2013 within the Year of Ecology in Gazprom.

I wish Gazprom’s employees robust health, long life, happiness and luck in all their efforts!

Alexander Bedritsky

Advisor to the Russian Federation President, Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues