Congratulations from Aviadvigatel

Esteemed Mr. Miller! Esteemed colleagues!

Alexander Inozemtsev

Alexander Inozemtsev

On behalf of Aviadvigatel I congratulate you on the Company’s 20th anniversary!

Today Gazprom is the cornerstone of Russian economy, a leader among global energy companies, a reliable supplier of natural gas and other energy resources to consumers in Russia and abroad.

For twenty years you have been on your way to reaching high goals. Every victory was comprised of the efforts of thousands of Gazprom’s experts, numerous subsidiary and affiliated companies.

538 gas turbine units and power plants designed by Aviadvigatel operate at the facilities of Russia’s major gas Company. The total capacity of the Perm equipment has reached 850 MW, while the operation time has exceeded 3 million hours. We are proud of putting our fair weight into Gazprom’s activities. We all are the links of one chain, working towards a common goal – Russia’s prosperity.

I am sure that just as before Gazprom will be out for implementing most ambitious projects, and that good success will always attend you in your work. I wish well-being, stability and self-reliance to all of the Company’s employees!


Alexander Inozemtsev

General Designer Aviadvigatel