Congratulations from ArmRosgazprom

Esteemed Mr. Miller!

Vardan Arutyunyan

Vardan Arutyunyan

On behalf of ArmRosgazprom with all my heart I congratulate you and numerous employees on Gazprom’s wonderful 20th anniversary.

Gazprom’s history is a vivid example of highest professionalism and purposeful development in the international oil and gas market.

Not only is Gazprom our business partner, but also our close friend with whom we are united by strong fraternal bonds. We heartily thank you for productive joint work as well as contribution to the establishment and development of the fuel and energy complex and a qualitative step forward in Armenian energy security.

Due to your professionalism, experience, devotion to work and well-coordinated efforts of the entire team the Company successfully meets all the challenges it faces.

With all our hearts we wish you new achievements and victories, execution of most ambitious plans, advancement of frontiers and unquenchable optimism.

Vardan Arutyunyan