An offshore gas receiving terminal and a floating storage and regasification unit called Marshal Vasilevskiy were put into operation in the Kaliningrad Region, bringing the constituent entity’s energy security to a new level.

Marshal Vasilevskiy floating storage and regasification unit
Marshal Vasilevskiy floating storage and regasification unit

Marshal Vasilevskiy floating storage and regasification unit

The following documents were signed:

  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and Srbijagas on the advancement of the expansion project for the Banatski Dvor underground gas storage facility in Serbia;
  • the new five-year Cooperation Agreement for 2019–2023 between Gazprom and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra;
  • the Accord for cooperation in 2019–2021 between Gazprom and St. Petersburg.

Denis Vasyukov was put in charge of Gazprom Transgaz Krasnodar.


The following documents were signed:

  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and Inter State Gas Systems (Private) Ltd. to carry out a joint feasibility study regarding gas supplies from the Middle East to South Asian countries;
  • the long-term contract between Gazprom and the Almaz-Antey Corporation for the supply of import-substituting products in the amount equal to guaranteed future purchases;
  • the updated roadmap between Gazprom and Roscosmos for the latter to develop and launch the production of advanced equipment, including import-substituting products, for the needs of Gazprom;
  • the roadmap between Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, the Government of the Belgorod Region and RUSNANO to carry out a project aimed at facilitating the accelerated development of the NGV market in the region.

Gazprom held its 14th Investor Day in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Investor Day in Singapore
Investor Day in Singapore

Investor Day in Singapore


Full-scale development of the Kharasaveyskoye field started in the Yamal Peninsula.

Construction of a combined cycle thermal power plant (TPP) was launched in Serbia. The Pancevo TPP will be the first of the Gazprom Energoholding Group's projects to be implemented outside of the Russian Federation, as well as the first combined cycle thermal power plant in Serbia.

Sergey Menshikov was appointed Member of the Management Committee and Head of Department 307 at Gazprom.

Gazprom and RusGazDobycha made a decision on the final configuration of the project for a large-scale complex that will process ethane-containing gas and produce liquefied natural gas near the settlement of Ust-Luga, Leningrad Region.

The following documents were signed:

  • the Roadmap on the participation of Gazprom in the acquisition of the property and assets of Kyrgyzneftegaz;

  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and NGV Italy reflecting the interest of Russian and Italian enterprises and commercial entities in joining efforts to expand the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel;

  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom Energoholding and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia on the implementation of combined heat and power generation projects in the Republic of Serbia.

The closing ceremony of the Gazprom Winter Spartakiada Games was held in Yekaterinburg. Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk took first place in the adults' team standings, while Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg emerged as the winner in the children's competition.

An exhibition entitled “Treasures from the Palace Museum: The Flourishing of China in the 18th Century” opened at the Moscow Kremlin Museums with the support of Gazprom.

Eduard Dadov was appointed head of Gazprom Sotsinvest.

Vyacheslav Tyurin was put in charge of Gazprom Invest.


A new gas distribution station named Lagolovo was brought into operation in the Leningrad Region.

Oleg AksyutinElena Burmistrova, and Famil Sadygov were appointed Deputy Chairmen of the Gazprom Management Committee.

Sergey Kuznets was elected Member of the Gazprom Management Committee and appointed Head of Department 104.

Gennady Sukhov was elected Member of the Gazprom Management Committee and appointed Head of Department 314.

The following documents were signed:

  • the Accord for cooperation between Gazprom and the Government of the Leningrad Region for 2019–2021;
  • the Program for standardization of developing technologies and equipment in oil refining, petrochemistry, and natural gas processing and liquefaction (LNG), particularly for projects on gravity-based structures with LNG production trains and for gas carriers transporting LNG, between Gazprom, the Technical Committee for Standardization (TC 23) “Oil and Gas Industry,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Vladimir Vagarin was appointed Director General of Gazprom Proyektirovaniye.

Sergey Gustov was appointed Director General of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz.

Sergey Ivanin was appointed Director General of Gas-Oil.

Yury Lebedev was appointed Director General of the Amur GPP and Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk.

Vladimir Mironov was appointed Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Saratov.


Gazprom discovered two new fields containing a total of over 500 billion cubic meters of gas on the shelf of the Yamal Peninsula, namely the Dinkov and Nyarmeyskoye fields.

Well testing at Rusanovsky licensed block in Kara Sea
Well testing at Rusanovsky licensed block in Kara Sea

Well testing at Rusanovsky licensed block in Kara Sea

Alexander Mazurov was appointed Head of Department 644.

Sergey Skrynnikov was appointed Head of Department 645.

Natalia Chekalina was appointed Head of Department 646.

Nikolai Tkachenko was appointed Head of Department 647.

Oleg Vakhovsky was put in charge of Gazprom Transgaz Surgut.

The 8th corporate Fakel Festival came to a close in Sochi. The Grand Prix of the Festival was granted to vocalist Enzhe Akhmetzyanova (Gazprom Transgaz Kazan), the Zorenka youth ensemble (Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg), the Oranzhevy Kot dance ensemble (Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk), and the United Bit dance team (Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta).


Gazprom held the annual General Shareholders Meeting. The Company's Board of Directors was elected as follows: Andrey Akimov, Timur Kulibaev, Denis Manturov, Vitaly Markelov, Viktor Martynov, Vladimir Mau, Alexey Miller, Alexander Novak, Dmitry Patrushev, Mikhail Sereda, and Viktor Zubkov.

Viktor Zubkov was elected as Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors and Alexey Miller as Deputy Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors.

The second power unit of the Grozny Thermal Power Plant was brought into operation.

The following documents were signed:

  • the Contract between Gazprom and OMV on the amendments to the Basic Agreement on Asset Sale. The document sets the price of the deal during which OMV will obtain a 24.98 per cent stake in the project for developing Blocks 4A and 5A in the Achimov formations of the Urengoyskoye field at EUR 905 million;
  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and OMV on implementing a joint cultural project in 2019;
  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and OMV on implementing a joint cultural project in 2020;
  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and OMV on joining efforts in the LNG sector;
  • the General Terms of Gas Supply between Gazprom and VNG Handel & Vertrieb. According to the document, Gazprom will supply up to 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year to VNG Handel & Vertrieb in 2021 and 2022;
  • the Roadmap between Gazprom and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on introducing a Special National Primary Standard for the storage, reproduction and transfer of a flow unit of high-pressure natural gas;
  • the Memorandum of Intent between Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, and SIBUR (acting on behalf of SIBUR Holding) on cooperation in developing standardization and conformity assessment procedures for the oil and gas sector. The document reflects the parties' interest in establishing an independent non-commercial organization for standardization, certification and conformity assessment of goods and services in the oil and gas industry;
  • the Cooperation Agreement between Gazprom and the state-owned Rostec Corporation. The document identifies the priority areas of interaction between the parties;
  • the Memorandum of Understanding between Gazprom and the Almaz-Antey Corporation. In accordance with the document, Almaz-Antey will consider the possibility of launching the production of reciprocating compressor units ranging in capacity from 100 kW to 4,000 kW;
  • the Agreement of Intent between Gazprom and the United Engine Corporation (UEC). Pursuant to the document, UEC is going to design and launch the output of a high-performance 25 MW gas turbine engine of the AL-41ST-25 type for use in gas compressors at Gazprom's gas transmission facilities;
  • the Memorandum of Intent between Gazprom, REP Holding, and Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), on behalf of Nuovo Pignone International S.r.l. (part of BHGE). The parties will explore the possibility of joining efforts in designing a 120 MW gas turbine unit, as well as arranging for its subsequent commercial production in Russia;
  • the Agreement between Gazprom and the Republic of Tatarstan on the implementation of two investment projects in the region, namely the construction of an LNG complex and the creation of a network of cryogenic CNG filling stations;
  • the Memorandum of Cooperation between Gazprom and Alekseev's Hydrofoil Design Bureau on broadening the lineup of waterborne vessels powered by natural gas;
  • the Agreement of Cooperation between Gazprom and SIBUR (acting on behalf of SIBUR Holding). Pursuant to the document, SIBUR Holding will examine the possibility of converting its motor vehicles to natural gas;
  • the Memorandum of Cooperation between Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo and United Rocket and Space Corporation on advancing domestic technologies for the expansion of NGV refueling infrastructure;
  • the Agreement of Cooperation between Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo and Yandex.Taxi on the use of natural gas (methane) as a vehicle fuel;
  • the Agreement between Gazprom LNG Technologies and the Sakhalin Region on developing the LNG production and sales market;
  • the Memorandum of Cooperation between Gazprom LNG Technologies and the Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) on expanding the production and sales infrastructure for natural gas as a vehicle fuel along the backbone network of federal highways that form part of international road corridors, both existing and planned, and setting up a joint venture for that purpose;
  • the Agreement of Cooperation between Gazprom LNG Technologies and EUROCEMENT Group on the use of LNG as a vehicle fuel;
  • the Agreement of Cooperation between Gazprom LNG Technologies, Avtodor, and Magnit;
  • the Roadmap between Gazprom and the Penza Region on expanding the use of hi-tech products, including import-substituting ones, manufactured by the Penza Region's companies in the interests of Gazprom;
  • the Agreement of Intent between Gazprom and the Sakhalin Region. According to the document, Gazprom plans to implement an investment project for the construction of an office complex and a residential complex in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for the needs of the Gazprom Group. In addition, provisions are made for the construction of a multi-purpose sports and leisure center and an ice arena, both of which will be available to all residents of the city;
  • the Cooperation Agreement between Gazprom and the regional sports public organization St. Petersburg Yacht Club on physical education and sports;
  • the Agreement between RusKhimAlyans and the Leningrad Region on social and economic cooperation. In line with the document, the parties will join efforts in dealing with economic, legal, organizational, technical and other issues related to the creation of a large-scale complex for natural gas processing and liquefaction near Ust-Luga, Leningrad Region;
  • the updated Scientific and Technical Cooperation Program between Gazprom and Severstal Management;
  • the Agreement of Intent between Gazprom Energoholding and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia on the construction project for gas-fired power plants in Serbia;
  • the contract between Gazprom Energoholding and TER-Servis on the long-term service maintenance of Siemens-made gas turbines and generators at the Grozny Thermal Power Plant;
  • the Annex to the Program for scientific and technical cooperation and partnership for 2016–2020 between Gazprom and OMV. The document adds a new research dimension to the Program: “Ensuring safe operation of oil and gas facilities through best practices in occupational safety”;
  • the Synchronization Schedule under the 2019 Program for gas infrastructure expansion in the Pskov Region between Gazprom and the Pskov Region;
  • the debt repayment schedule between Gazprom and the Pskov Region for the gas delivered to the defaulting regional companies.

The Lyons Hall of the Catherine Palace was restored with support from Gazprom and ENGIE.

The 7th season of Gazprom's Football for Friendship international children's social programme concluded in Madrid.

An award ceremony took place for the winners of the 10th Corporate Contest for the PR services of Gazprom's subsidiaries.


The Far Eastern branch of Gazprom 335 was opened in Vladivostok. The branch is a specialized engineering unit that will implement the projects of the Gazprom Group focused on offshore hydrocarbon production and on gas processing and liquefaction in Russia’s Far East.

Gazprom Gerosgaz Holdings B.V. (the Netherlands) and Rosingaz Limited (Cyprus), wholly-owned subsidiaries of Gazprom, successfully completed the sale of 693,627,848 ordinary registered shares of Gazprom (2.93 per cent of the charter capital).

The following documents were signed:

  • The five-year contract between the Gazprom Group and Turkmengas to purchase natural gas from Turkmengas;
  • The synchronization schedule between Gazprom and the Astrakhan Region for the Gas Supply and Gas Infrastructure Expansion Program in the Astrakhan Region for 2019.

Sergey Kupriyanov was appointed Head of Department 106 – Press Secretary to Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee.

Vsevolod Cherepanov was put in charge of Gazprom Geologorazvedka and Gazprom Georesource.

Rustem Usmanov was put in charge of Gazprom Transgaz Kazan.


The Blue Corridor – Gas into Engines 2019 Rally, a large-scale race for gas-powered vehicles organized by Gazprom and Germany's Uniper, kicked off in Istanbul.

The Program for gas supply and gas infrastructure expansion in the Volgograd Region until 2026 was drawn up.