LNG regasification terminal in Kaliningrad Region

At present, the Kaliningrad Region receives natural gas via the Minsk – Vilnius – Kaunas – Kaliningrad transit gas pipeline. In view of the Kaliningrad Region’s geographic location, liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments by sea have the potential to boost its energy security

To achieve that goal, Gazprom is constructing an LNG import, storage and regasification terminal on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The terminal will be connected to the existing gas pipeline near the Kaliningradskoye underground gas storage (UGS) facility, making it possible not only to supply gas to local consumers but also to inject it into the UGS facility. LNG regasification will be carried out by a floating regasification unit.

Thanks to the terminal, consumers in the Kaliningrad Region will be able to receive up to 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

As a result, the Region will be entirely self-sufficient with natural gas for an extended period of time if such need arises.