Gazprom dobycha Yamburg

Gas treatment unit No.9 at Kharvutinskaya area
Launch of Neocomian deposit development, Zapolyarnoye field. 2007
Computer classroom of boarding school in Nyda settlement
Glory of North artistic competition among children and teenagers
Construction of Zapolyarnoye – Tazovsky road
Reindeer Herder’s Day
Presents for indigenous citizens of Extreme North from Gazprom dobycha Yamburg on Reindeer Herder’s Day
Rough boletuses
Northern nature
Northern lights
Northern nature
Russian snow racing championship
Children’s sports center in Novy Urengoy
Children’s sports center in Novy Urengoy
Zapolyarnoye field
Dispatch room
Illimitable spaces of Extreme North
In harmony with nature
Presents for reindeer herders
Towards Your Dream children’s creative festival
Transportation of superblocks. 1985
Transportation of superblocks to GTU-2 installation site. 1985
Pilot access to Yamburg field. 1982
Yamburg settlement
Orthodox temple of St. John the Evangelist in Yamburg
Drilling rig at Yamburg field
Gas treatment unit at Aneryakhinskaya area of Yamburg field
Construction of new field facilities at Aneryakhinskaya area of Yamburg field
Gas treatment unit No.9 at Kharvutinskaya area of Yamburg field
Gas pre-treatment unit at Kharvutinskaya area of Yamburg field
Booster compressor stations at gas treatment unit No.7 of Yamburg field
Novozapolyarny settlement
Novozapolyarny settlement
Gas pipeline construction at Zapolyarnoye field
Gas wells
Gas wells
Gas treatment unit No.1C at Zapolyarnoye field
Dispatch room of gas treatment unit No.2C at Zapolyarnoye field