Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom – 2016

  • Announcement of the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of PJSC GAZPROM
  • Address to Shareholders
  • Gazprom 2015: sustainable courseKeynote statement by Alexey Miller

    In 2015, Gazprom demonstrated that it was able to achieve good results even with low hydrocarbon prices. The Company managed to keep a fast pace in implementing production programs. We strengthened our resource base and ramped up our production capacities. We increased gas exports to Europe and oil production volumes. We confirmed the financial sustainability of our business and continued to work on large-scale projects.

    • In 2015, Gazprom Group’s revenue grew by 8.6 per cent.
    • Net revenue from gas sales was up by 14.8 per cent.
    • Net revenue from gas sales to Europe and other countries jumped by 23.6 per cent.
    • Gazprom Group’s profit attributable to Gazprom’s shareholders rose to RUB 787 billion.

    Gazprom is among the world’s top oil and gas companies in terms of key financial indicators, such as EBITDA and net profit.

    Press releases

    June 30Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s new Board of Directors elected
    June 30Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting elects new Board of Directors
    June 30Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting decides on agenda items
    June 30Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting starts in Moscow

    Press Conferences

    Press releases on preparations for the Meeting

    June 20Accreditation of journalists for Gazprom’s General Shareholders Meeting scheduled for June 27 and 28
    May 19RUB 7.89 per share dividends recommended by Board of Directors for 2015
    April 29Notice of Press Conferences to be held on threshold of Shareholders Meetings
    April 13RUB 7.40 per share dividends proposed by Management Committee for 2015
    February 4Board of Directors considers annual General Shareholders Meeting related issues