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Publication of 2012–2013 Sustainability Report

January 13

Publication of 3Q 2014 Financial Statements under IFRS requirements

January 29, 10:00 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)

Investor Day in Hongkong (February 3) and Singapore (February 5)

February 3 and 5 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.3 KB)

Webcast invitation (PDF, 361.7 KB)

Publication of 4Q 2014 Quarterly Issuer Report

February 13 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)

Publication of 2014 Annual Financial Report under FSA requirements including 2014 IFRS Financial Statements

April 29 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)

Responsibility Statement (PDF, 34.8 KB)

Conference call with investors on Gazprom Group 2014 Annual Financial Report under IFRS requirements

April 29 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.3 KB)

Record date

May 7, end of the business day Add to calendar (ICS, 1 KB)

Publication of 1Q 2015 Quarterly Issuer Report

May 14 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)

Gazprom Energoholding Investor and Analyst Day


Gazprom Neft Investor and Analyst Day

Late May to early June

Press briefings of Gazprom’s top management on annual results and key aspects of Company development

1 to 4 weeks of June

Publication of Gazprom 2014 Annual Report and Financial Statements under RAS requirements

20 days before the Annual General Shareholders Meeting

Annual report (PDF, 7.5 MB)

Financial Report (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Environmental Report (PDF, 4.7 MB)

Gazprom’s Annual General Shareholders Meeting

June, 26 (Moscow) Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)

Investors’ visits to Gazprom production facilities

Second week of July

Publication of 1Q 2015 Financial Statements under IFRS requirements

August 10

Comments by analysts and experts

Publication of 2Q 2015 Quarterly Issuer Report

August 14 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)

Publication of 2Q 2015 Financial Statements under IFRS requirements

September 1

Conference call with investors on Gazprom Group 2Q 2015 Financial Statements under IFRS requirements

September 1

Publication of 3Q 2015 Quarterly Issuer Report (Russian Accounting Standards)

November 13 Add to calendar (ICS, 1.1 KB)