External audit

In accordance with the Federal Law on Audit Activities No. 307-FZ dated December 30, 2008, Gazprom’s Auditor is selected every year by an open tender.

Tender procedures are arranged and held with compliance of the requirements set by the Federal Law on Contract System in State and Municipal Procurement of Goods, Works and Services No. 44-FZ dated April 5, 2013 as well as the Russian Government Resolution No. 1085 dated November 28, 2013, which regulates the rules for assessment of bids and final proposals of the participants of state and municipal procurement of goods, works and services.

In compliance with Clause 2.1.6 of the Regulation on Audit Committee of Gazprom Board of Directors, approved by the Decision of the Gazprom Board of Directors No. 2314 dated February 25, 2014, the Committee harmonizes the bidding documentation, reviews the results of evaluation and comparison of bids by the Bidding Committee and prepares recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the Company’s Auditor candidate.

A potential auditor is approved by the General Shareholders Meeting.

The Auditor revises three types of statements:

  • accounting (financial) statements of Gazprom (parent company) filed in line with the Russian law (Russian Accounting Standards);
  • consolidated accounting (financial) statements of Gazprom Group filed in line with the Russian law (Russian Accounting Standards);
  • consolidated financial statements of Gazprom Group filed in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In 2016, FBK was recognized as the winner of an open tender for the revision of Gazprom’s statements. By the Decision of the General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom dated June 30, 2016, FBK was approved as the Company’s Auditor.

FBK is registered and operates in the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure as a member of the self-regulating auditor organization Non-Profit Partnership Auditor Association Sodruzhestvo since July 6, 2015 (ORNZ 11506030481).

FBK holds the license issued by the Federal Security Service for carrying out the activities related to the use of information constituting a state secret.

FBK’s professional risks are insured by INGOSSTRAKH.

FBK was set up in 1990. Since its establishment up to the present moment, the FBK managers and specialists have been actively engaged in developing the regulatory base and shaping the law enforcement practice; they form a part of the executive bodies of top professional and business associations.

In 2015, FBK ranked first among the major audit companies (according to RAEX).

FBK has a unique experience of dealing with fuel & energy companies, for which hundreds of successful projects have been implemented. Continuous interaction with representatives of the oil & gas industry allows the company’s specialists getting a deep insight of essential industry-related challenges and tasks.

FBK has cooperated with Gazprom since 1996.

Before 2015, the Company’s Auditor had been represented by PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, which is registered and operates in Russia, being a member of a self-regulatory organization Non-Profit Partnership Audit Chamber of Russia since December 28, 2009. PwC Audit is also a part of the global PricewaterhouseCoopers network of companies.