Representative office of Gazprom in the People’s Republic of China (Beijing)

The Gazprom representative office in Beijing, People's Republic of China was established in August 2002 to develop the long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation with Chinese oil and gas companies and organizations.

The representative office is authorized to act on behalf of Gazprom in Asia-Pacific countries. At present, the representative office is boosting cooperation with state authorities and leading oil and gas companies of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries in the region.

The representative office has established close ties with China's leading oil and gas companies – CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem and others.

Considering the importance of the Chinese market for sales of the petrochemical products produced by Gazprom's companies, the representative office recurrently monitors the national petrochemical market.

In October 2004 Gazprom and CNPC entered into the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation covering a wide range of activities including examination of the issues relevant to the arrangement of natural gas supplies from Russia to China by Gazprom.

In March 2006 Gazprom and CNPC signed the Protocol on Natural Gas Supplies from Russia to China outlining the main accords on the gas supply schedule, amounts and routes as well as gas pricing principles.

The representative office pursues the main goal of representing and protecting Gazprom's interests in China and other Asia-Pacific countries.

The representative office views its mission in facilitating the long-term and mutually-beneficial economic cooperation of Gazprom with companies and organizations from China and other Asia-Pacific countries in the oil and gas sector.

Major activities of the representative office:

  • maintaining regular contacts with state authorities and companies of China and other Asia-Pacific countries on issues related to the mutually-beneficial cooperation;
  • shaping proposals on Gazprom's operation in the energy market of China and other Asia-Pacific countries;
  • searching specific projects in China and other Asia-Pacific countries;
  • rendering assistance to Gazprom's experts working in China and other Asia-Pacific countries as well as to the delegations arriving to negotiate;
  • delivering comprehensive information to Gazprom in a timely manner about the status of the oil and gas industry in China and other Asia-Pacific countries, the oil and gas market behavior, its changes and progress with joint projects;
  • supporting the projects implemented by Gazprom in China and other Asia-Pacific countries;
  • taking part in running the business of the companies set up by Gazprom in China and other Asia-Pacific countries;
  • providing assistance to Gazprom Group's companies and organizations in the conduct of exhibitions, conferences and presentations in China and other Asia-Pacific countries.