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    Gazprom is a global energy company. Our employees work in all the time zones and practically in all the latitudes, not only in Russia but in other countries as well. The Company’s staff is one of Gazprom’s main and valued resources, as a successful business hinges on the people involved.

    Prirazlomnoye field in Pechora Sea

    Prirazlomnoye field in Pechora Sea

    The process of gas production and its supply to consumers is extremely complicated; it requires special knowledge and skills. Natural gas has to travel a long way from a well to a gas pipeline and pass many kilometers to reach the consumer. Every stage requires coordinated and precise work of professionals as components of a sophisticated but well-adjusted mechanism. That’s why the gas industry employees have to be true professionals devoted to their work.

    Gas field dispatch control center

    Gas field dispatch control center

    Gas worker is the best profession

    We value every employee’s work, trying to ensure comfortable and safe labor conditions and maximum possibilities for growth and development.

    Being aware that the way to professionalism starts with high-quality education, for several years Gazprom has been implementing special collaboration programs with leading specialized higher education institutions. The collaboration is based on specialized training and improvement of educational programs to minimize costs for adaptation of young professionals to their new job. Gazprom pursues the objective of prioritized training of personnel for strategic projects and new technologies, as well as recruitment of the best graduates and further training of employees.

    Way to professionalism starts with high-quality education

    Way to professionalism starts with high-quality education

    As part of Gazprom Innovative Development Program to 2020, the Company supports 9 Russian higher education institutions, including:

    The higher education institutions were selected on the basis of such criteria as their research programs correspondence to the Company’s technological priorities, effectiveness of their scientific and innovative activities, competitive advantages in education, international recognition and financial robustness.

    Currently Gazprom comprises two secondary vocational education institutions:

    Students are our future

    A number of Gazprom subsidiaries have opened regional divisions where school graduates can prepare for entering specialized universities. Together with the universities, Gazprom organizes career-guidance events and academic competitions to select most promising graduates for subsequent specialized education at universities.

    Gazprom and its subsidiary companies support higher education institutions in creation of laboratories and training bases, compilation of educational materials and arrangement of students’ practice. The higher education institutions engage managers and professionals from Gazprom as teachers.

    To support and encourage the most promising students, Gazprom annually grants 25 scholarships on a competitive basis. Every year more than 5 thousand students at higher education institutions are provided with externships by Gazprom subsidiaries.

    More than 5 thousand students at higher education institutions are provided with externships by Gazprom every year

    More than 5 thousand students at higher education institutions are provided with externships by Gazprom every year

    Between 2008 and 2012 higher education institutions were provided with a total of 197 computer simulators, training systems and video tutorials on modern technologies of gas production and transportation.

    Investment in human capital

    Gazprom employees attend career development courses and retraining courses for executives, promoting innovations in the Company.

    Gazprom’s approaches to a workforce training and retraining make it possible to manage the people’s knowledge efficiently and form a talent pool capable of achieving innovative development goals. In 2012 career development and professional retraining courses were attended by 178.9 thousand employees of Gazprom Group. 

    Gazprom pays special attention to working with graduate recruits. An individual approach to educating and developing this employee group is implemented in the Company. In 2012 Gazprom Group hired over 2.1 thousand graduate recruits who graduated from higher and secondary vocational education institutions.

    More than 3 thousand Gazprom employees annually attend career development programs

    More than 3 thousand Gazprom employees annually attend career development programs

    2,318 PhD holders and 198 Doctors of Sciences work in Gazprom subsidiaries.

    Gazprom VNIIGAZ and Gazprom Promgaz have organized postgraduate studies in 11 scientific specialities. Gazprom VNIIGAZ appointed two dissertation committees for PhD and Doctoral theses defense in 6 scientific specialities.

    Gazprom provides various grants to its employees who undertake post-graduate and doctorate studies. Besides, Gazprom subsidiaries collaborate with regional education institutions for training and career development among the employees who live in regions of their business.