Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz

formerly Zarubezhneftegaz


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Russian Federation

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Head of Corporate Relations Directorate – Press Secretary

Ivan Gogolev

Head of Corporate Relations Directorate – Press Secretary

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Company history

Zarubezhneftegaz was set up in mid-1998 pursuant to the resolution by Gazprom and Zarubezhneft and in cooperation with Stroytransgaz in order to reinforce their competitiveness on the international market in the expanding international business environment.

From early 2007 Zarubezhneftegaz has been Gazprom’s 100 per cent subsidiary. On February 11, 2009 Zarubezhneftegaz was renamed Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz.

Nowadays, the company acts on behalf of Gazprom in a variety of the largest projects on hydrocarbons exploration and development, as well as oil and gas facilities construction abroad, first of all, in the Middle East, South-East Asia, Africa, Latin America and the CIS.

Representative office in Central Asia

Representative office in Central Asia


Major activities

Execution of large gas projects abroad has always been and remains the company’s prioritized business. The projects embrace all stages of field development – from discovery and exploration to development, both onshore and offshore.

In addition, the company holds licenses for the projects related to infrastructure engineering and construction, hydrocarbons processing and transportation facilities construction and others.

At present, Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz is responsible for hydrocarbon prospecting and exploration in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and India. The company is also looking at the potential involvement in Gazprom’s new foreign projects.

Neptune Discoverer drilling vessel, Vietnam

Environmental protection

The rational management of natural resources and the environmental costs reduction are the essential components of the company’s operations. In its environmental activities Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz relies on the regulations complying with international regulatory documents that contain basic requirements for nature conservation and securing industrial safety.

Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz annually implements environmental programs, ensures their financial support and management. All production activities are carried out in compliance with the regulatory requirements for environmental protection and rational management of natural resources.

The company’s principle of strict adherence to the local legislation when using natural resources in the countries of operation has minimized the number of claims from supervisory bodies.

Well testing at Bao Wang field, Vietnam

Social Policy

Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz makes purpose-oriented and consecutive efforts aimed at improving its staff policy, giving priority to the recruitment of qualified and trained personnel, their efficient and successful employment, social protection, training and career development, as well as maintenance of a healthy psychological climate in the company.

Considerable personnel growth (as compared to the previous years) made it possible to step up the activities related to qualified staff recruitment.

New booster compressor station, Uzbekistan

The company takes great care of education and development of managerial and personal qualities in its employees in order to maintain and improve their professional excellence.

The company supports youth and cultural events in the countries of its presence.

Drilling rig, Tleukuduk, Uzbekistan


Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz develops its production activities through the current projects and the potential ones:

  • gas production ramp-up at the stage of additional development of the Shakhpakhty field (Republic of Uzbekistan);
  • large-scale subsurface geological and geophysical survey of investment blocks in the Ustyurt Plateau (Republic of Uzbekistan);
  • geological and geophysical survey of subsurface resources in the Kugart and Mailu-Suu areas located in the Dzhelalabad Oblast (Republic of Kyrgyzstan);
  • geological and geophysical assessment of reserves in the investment blocks Sargazon, Rengan, Sarykamysh and Zapadny Shaambary (Republic of Tajikistan);
  • geological and geophysical survey in block 112 offshore Vietnam, the Gulf of Bac Bo;
  • geological exploration in four new blocks offshore southern Vietnam;
  • prospects for cooperation with PetroVietnam within Vietgazprom joint venture in Russia and third countries;
  • geological survey in block 26 offshore India, the Gulf of Bengal.

Camp of geophysicists, Ugra, Uzbekistan