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Dmitry Lyugai is Director General of Gazprom VNIIGAZ. He was born on March 24, 1962, in Samarkand, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic.


Dmitry Lyugai graduated from Tashkent State Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Technology and Integrated Mechanization of Oil and Gas Field Development. He also earned a postgraduate degree in Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation from the VNIIGAZ Institute. He has a PhD in Engineering.

Professional experience

Dmitry Lyugai’s professional and scientific career has been focused on the gas industry.


Well Service Operator, Geologist at Shurtangaz Gas Production Directorate of Soyuzuzbekgazprom.


Engineer, Junior Research Associate at the SredazNIIgaz Institute.


Postgraduate student at the VNIIGAZ Institute.


Research Associate, Senior Research Associate, Lead Research Associate, Chief Research Associate at the SredazNIIgaz Institute.


Head of the Oil and Gas Division of the Applied Science and Training Center for Energy and Resource Saving under Tashkent State Technical University.


Chief Research Associate, Head of Laboratory, Head of Department, Deputy Director of the Center, Director of the Center, Deputy Director General for Science at Gazprom VNIIGAZ.


Member of the Gazprom Management Committee, Head of the Prospective Development Department at Gazprom.

from August 2015

Director General of Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

Titles and awards

  • PhD in Engineering (1999).
  • Over 170 published papers and 10 invention patents.
  • Winner of the Russian Government Award and Gazprom’s Science and Technology Prize.

Company History

The company was set up in 1948 as the All-Union Scientific & Research Institute for Natural Gases with the purpose of consolidating the country’s scientific potential, thereby facilitating gas industry development and ensuring its sustainability as a sector of the national economy.

In 1999, the Institute was transformed into Scientific & Research Institute for Natural Gases and Gas Technologies – VNIIGAZ Limited Liability Company.

In 2001, VNIIGAZ was granted the status of Gazprom’s chief research center in the field of technology.

Gazprom VNIIGAZ headquarters

Gazprom VNIIGAZ headquarters

Major Activities

From the day of its inception, Gazprom VNIIGAZ has evolved as a multidisciplinary organization dealing with the entire range of scientific and technical challenges in the field of natural gas explorationproductiontransportation, underground storage and processing.

The Institute is engaged in the development and testing of advanced technologies, design works, modeling, regulatory and guidance support, metrological assurance, research coordination within Gazprom’s integrated programs, and preparation of national and regional development programs for the gas industry.

Research associate at chemical analysis laboratory of Gazprom VNIIGAZ

Research associate at chemical analysis laboratory of Gazprom VNIIGAZ

Gazprom VNIIGAZ has over 300 invention patents. The company operates 20 research centers and more than 60 test benches and units made at its research and testing facilities.

Core material accounting at Corporate Center for Formation System Evaluations (Core and Fluids)

Core material accounting at Corporate Center for Formation System Evaluations (Core and Fluids)

The Institute’s scope of activities includes various educational programs, the Vesti Gazovoy Nauki (Gas Science Bulletin) research and technical publication, and international scientific conferences on contemporary issues in the gas industry.

Environmental protection

Gazprom VNIIGAZ’s major environmental efforts include environmental support in targeted scientific and technical programs for field development in the Yamal Peninsula and on the Arctic shelf; the development and adoption of energy saving and environmental protection technologies; and the implementation of greenhouse gas mitigation projects. The company is also actively developing biotechnologies to fight hydrocarbon pollution.

The Institute’s largest projects of the recent years are as follows:

  • comprehensive environmental and ethnological research in the Yamal Peninsula and the adjacent area of the Kara Sea basin;
  • development of relevant technologies and the program for the reclamation of disturbed and contaminated land in the Bovanenkovo group of fields;
  • development of a waste management and potable water treatment system for municipal entities in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area;
  • development of Gazprom’s Energy Saving Concept for 2011–2020 and Gazprom’s Comprehensive Environmental Program for 2011–2015.

In 2009–2015, Gazprom VNIIGAZ organized a series of environmental and technological expeditions called Yamal.

Social policy

For many years, Gazprom VNIIGAZ has provided assistance to the Solnyshko Boarding House for Orphaned Children with Intellectual Disabilities in the Filimonkovskoye settlement, the Leninsky District Division of the All-Russian Disabled People’s Society, and the Pediatric Department of the Vidnoye District Hospital. The Institute acts as a patron of the ensembles from the Garmoniya Children’s Arts Center (Razvilka settlement, Leninsky District, Moscow Region), holds winter and summer charitable campaigns for children without parental care on an annual basis, and supports the Council of War and Labor Veterans.

Since 2001, Gazprom VNIIGAZ has been organizing and hosting annual regional football tournaments in memory of Valery Remizov.

The company’s delegation has won awards at the corporate Fakel Festival for amateur performers and ensembles.

Double Tone children’s choreographic ensemble


Gazprom VNIIGAZ’s planned research activities include the preparation of long-term strategies for mineral and raw material base development in the gas industry and methodologies for remote hydrocarbon prospecting; the development and improvement of management systems to control the technical condition, integrity and efficiency of the Unified Gas Supply System; and the implementation of a common scientific and technical policy for setting technical requirements to piping elements and welding procedures across Gazprom Group.

Meeting on scientific and technical cooperation between Gazprom International and Plurinational State of Bolivia

Meeting on scientific and technical cooperation between Gazprom International and Plurinational State of Bolivia

The company intends to provide scientific and technical support in the development of the Yamal, Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers, ensure author’s supervision during late-stage field development, and deliver scientific and methodological support services in the construction of next-generation gas transmission systems.

The Institute will continue creating permanent geological models for various fields and improving its modeling methods, as well as adopting new approaches and methods in offshore development.