100per cent ownership by Gazprom


POB 32, Sea Port
353500, Temryuk
Krasnodar Krai
Russian Federation

(+7 86148) 5-58-06
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Company History

In August 1994 the Temryuk Port was included in the List of Russian Seaports.

Until 1995 the Temryuk Port was equipped with one 142-m-long mooring line.

In March 1996 with the active assistance of Kubangazprom the Port was engaged in marine trading operations. The maritime administration was set up.

In December 1998 the first phase of the Port construction – a complex embracing three mooring lines with 400 m in the total length, dockside cranes and dock storages was put into operation.

In 1999 the Temryuk Port obtained the status of an international port. A border checkpoint, a customs office and a quarantine service were established; all kinds of stevedore, forwarding and agency services for foreign vessels were arranged.

Nowadays, the Temryuk Maritime Transportation (Temryukmortrans) is a stevedore company running its own port and a railroad terminal.

Geographic location of the Temryuk Port

Major Activities

The Port is focused on the following major activities:

  • loading operations;
  • forwarding;
  • warehousing;
  • storage of cargoes;
  • declaring of goods on a negotiable basis;
  • maintenance of required depth in entrance passages and fairways, dredging works and comprehensive vessel treatment including bunkering and water supply.

The Port renders the following optional services:

  • cargo weighting on truck scales;
  • cargo securing on vessels and cars;
  • cargo segregation;cargo packing;
  • bulk cargo filling;
  • tie-up services;
  • other types of warehousing activities.

Environmental Protection


Temryukmortrans steps up the following environmental actions:

  • Monitoring of marine environment, bottom sediments and marine biota within the loading area of Temryukmortrans mooring lines.
  • Measuring and analysis of atmospheric and occupational air and industrial emissions.
  • Measuring and analysis of water bodies (natural and sewage waters), storm runoffs.
  • Industrial wastes are disposed of according to the signed agreements with the relevant bodies.

Taking of the above mentioned environmental actions materially reduces the environmental impacts, promotes the conservation of natural resources, biodiversity and creates favorable environment for human activities.


The Temryuk Maritime Transportation has a considerable development potential. At present, the company owns a land area totaling 34 ha, of which 11 ha, i.e. 30 per cent of the total, have been developed.

In order to delver the objective of raising its freight stream Temryukmortrans signed in late 2005 long-term agreements of intent with some major cargo owners and agencies for a period until 2011. Pursuant to the agreements, the annual volume of cargo transshipment will be increased to 3 billion cubic tons of export-import cargoes.